Thursday, September 13, 2007


Sorry for the "little"-OK... looooonnnnnngggg blog break. It sounds trite to say "I've been busy" but the truth is that I have been doing, doing, going and going with so much amazing stuff... It a good thing I love to travel!!! We have had friends and family members graduating, getting married, and having babies and we have relished celebrating with you all! I needed to take a break from a few things (my blog being one) and rejuvinate-focus on new places, new art, new thoughts, new experiences, and it has been an amazing ride!

We've been to Orlando, Pella's own Tulip Time, Sioux Center, Hawaii, Chicago, the Iowa State Fair, San Jose (CA) and Kansas City since March-making memories each step of the way. I've got LOTS of scrapbooking to do (the boys are back in school now and I have nowhere to go for some time...)

A few photos to catch you up...

Spring Break In Orlando with Grandpa & Grandma

June-Kyle & Caitlin's Wedding Day Oahu, Hawaii

The reception was on the beach-a gorgeous night

Our 1st trip to Hawaii (I CAN'T WAIT for the 2nd, 3rd...)

The boys all decked out in their Hawaiian shirts

The great thing about traveling is that there are so many amazing photo opportunities. It refreshes my creativity and fills my spirit. I will keep posting this week until we get "caught up". More photos and "art news" on the way...

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