Monday, October 16, 2006

Strategy #5 STUFF

You know I really like my STUFF-my beautiful paper, rows of colorful paint bottles, intricate embellishments…the list of treasures goes on and on. I’ve got so many gorgeous things to create with and yet, sometimes, they are the very thing that gets in the way. I hesitate before cutting into that special piece of paper. I question whether I really need to add that one more flower from my stash to a page. I tell myself that is exactly what I bought it for, but I still find myself wondering if maybe there won’t be another even more special project to use that item on so I hide it back away waiting for “someday”.

I’m getting tired of waiting for “someday”. I have die cuts I bought for a project 6 years ago still hanging out in my PSB (Personal Sticker Book). I have sticker alphabets that have lost their sticky. Enough is ENOUGH! Last night I started a new mini-book. I can’t reveal what it is for (Christmas is coming…), but I cut up, painted on and glued down some brand new supplies I just bought Saturday. And, it felt good-–really good. No more hording–just using up, creating, playing–getting the paint out of the bottle and on to the page. Getting the photos out of the photo box and on to the page. Maybe it's a bit like a fisherman who is so enamored by the cool colored lures in his tackle box. They look so bright and pristine fresh out of the package, but if you want to catch a fish at some point you have to throw it in the water. I’m not waiting for tomorrow. I have stories to tell and art to create TODAY!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Strategy #4 Remember to Play

When did all this get to be such “serious work”?!? Scrapbooking is supposed to be a hobby and for many an art form, but that doesn’t mean it has to be HARD! We do such a “mental number” on ourselves when we over analyze and work a layout to death. Do it and let it be…a little tweak here and there “great”, but this OBSESSIVE


My handwriting is TOO messy…

That photo isn’t quite perfect…

I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again “Perfectionism is the #1 killer of creativity”. Remember that the next time the negative lies start playing their show in your head. Now “lies” might sound like a strong word, but I’m calling it like I see it. Instead of listening to those lies, use a great little trick I have taught myself and use all the time. Tell yourself “I’m just playing today. Just makin’ a little something for me because I can. Probably not even gonna ever show this to another person-well, maybe my kids. Just gonna’ DO IT, because I CAN.” And, then-have fun and let yourself PLAY! Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect-it’s just PLAY!