Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Excerpts from my quickly jotted notes Sunday AM before heading to last day of market...

It's all just a swirl-the colors, the people, the conversations, the product...so hard to stay focused. Asking myself "What do I need to see? Who do I need to talk to?" Interjected with "look at this", "sit down try that"...too much to absorb-overloaded senses=artist on overdrive.
overheard comments
random thoughts
paths to walk down
doors to close
rapid fire machine gun style
idol worship "rock star" scrapbooking divas
money-lots & lots of money
it's just buisness
passion & soul
bohemian & gypsy
tired sore feet
old friends new friends
brilliant reds-soft watercolors
packaging, marketing, huppla, cheerleaders
FREE this and FREE that
sell your soul to the marketplace
almighty dollar
books-how to-technology-over my head
how do I do that?!?
how will I ever afford that?!?
rebates/coupons/desire/covet/plan for future
What is FUTURE???

Where do I go from here?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Summer is supposed to be a time to slow down, savor, enjoy and soak in the sun. I feel I should apologize for my delinquency in updating my blog, but seriously we've been having so much fun "living life" there has been little time to record and savor and share the latest. It seems such a cliche to say our summer has "flown by", but it really has. Here we are-half way thru and my head is still spinning. We had a blast at the 32+ (not sure I should of counted...) Little League games we attended-we were averaging 4 a week there for awhile. Brenda and I have started "Art Camp" once a week for 6 weeks this summer. We have 20 kids painting and drawing every week. Check out our "foot painting" day-what a blast, but I'm quite sure it will be a very, long time before all the paint is gone from my backyard bricks!

The real benefit from teaching kids art is that I think I learn more than they do. Watching their energy and experiments, jumpstarts my creativity every time. They have NO FEAR and just dive in and MAKE STUFF-I sooo love that!

Last week I was gone from the studio everyday because I had the priveledge of spending the entire week in the Amana's attending a watercolor class with Master watercolorist Wendall Moore. I went last year, but it seems to me that I soaked up even more info. this year. I really played with color and learned how to use watercolor to get the bold, brilliant colors that I love. The best part of the week-my name was pulled out of the "hat" and I got to pick one of Wendall's paintings to come home with me. Yes-it's mine-all mine :)

Here is Wendall doing one of his daily demonstrations-mesmerizing really to watch him in action.

One of the other reasons June has been such a crazy, busy but wonderful month-I also shot my first wedding ever! My cousin got married here in Pella and asked me to be her photographer. It was a gorgeous summer day with a reception out at the lake. The light was beautiful. Totally fun reception with dancing and great food. I took so many photos-couldn't resist with such fun subjects. Everyone was having such a good time it wasn't hard to get incredible photos. What a beautiful bride...

Tomorrow is a day I have been anticipating for over a year. The GEMS Girl's Club Counselor's Leadership Conference is being held here in Pella, IA. www.gemsgc.org I have the privilege of sharing my thoughts on creativity and doing a project with over 100 of the attendees. Can't wait! Here is the cute clipboard project we are going to do with the "True Blue" Scrapbook with Passion paper.

I have boxes of clipboards, bottles of Plaid paint (BIG bottles!!!) and yards of cut ribbon all boxed up and setting on my studio table ready to go.

I thought you might all like the instructions and supply list, so here is a little special treat from me to you...


Clipboard Instructions-Melynda Van Zee

1 5 x 7 clipboard
7 six in. pieces of ribbon
Plaid Folk Art Sterling Blue #810
1 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 piece of “True Blue” Scrapbook with Passion paper (from Sugar Tree)
1 clothespin
1 small blue flower
1 pop dot or glue dot
1 GEMS tag
Mod Podge
Foam paintbrush

•Paint front of clipboard and topside of clothespin with Sterling Blue paint. Tip edges of GEMS tag with small amount of paint.
•Tie ribbon with double knots on the clip.
•Apply Mod Podge to clipboard and place paper over top. Smooth with hands.
•Use pop dot to attach flower to tip of clothespin.
•Apply Mod Podge to back of GEMS tag and adhere to paper.

2006 Melynda Van Zee