Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Everything NEW & Strategy #6 Make Lists

I know we are almost one month into the new year, but I couldn’t make myself post about my thoughts for the NEW year until I had lived with them for a while. The NEW year kind of sneaks up on me every year. I’m so absorbed with the Christmas season and everything that comes with it, that by the time the NEW year hits I need a bit more time to really analyze what my NEW year is going to look like. Now you might be wondering why I am capitalizing the word “NEW”. You see I decided to make NEW my word of the year. On her blog Ali Edwards challenged everyone to come up with one word they could focus on for the year. I liked the concept because of its simplicity. Last year, in the excitement and “resolution” phase of the year, I wrote a personal mission statement, created a layout of it and hung it in my studio. I put that mission statement on the front page of my portfolio and look at it anytime I’m faced with a new opportunity or new direction. “Does it fit me?” “Is this the way I should go?” But this year, one word… and the word “NEW” popped into my head immediately, Funny, but I couldn’t even make myself tell anyone. It was as if I needed some time to try it out and see if I could really accomplish all the new stuff spinning around in my brain-so much to try and so much NEW to do. This month has been amazing. I should have been posting all along, but sometimes you just need to live life and write about it later!

Now, I’ve also been promising to add to my “Scrapbooking Strategies” list and in light of that promise…I present…Strategy #6 MAKE LISTS

Make lists…lists of things to do, lists of things you want to try, lists of things that have happened, lists of things you love, lists of people you want to meet and places you want to go…

And, so my current list of everything NEW...

NEW Things

1. Took a NEW class. My first ever online digital scrapbooking class was “Brushworks” by Renee Pearson at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have a few things to finish up, but I learned so many useful things. It was a the perfect "next step" for my digital scrapbook skills.

2. Learned a NEW skill- I enlisted my hubby’s help, borrowed some major power tools from a good friend, and after 3 or 4 phone calls to a favorite artist friend- I successfully created my first four “built from scratch” canvases. We built the frames from 1 x 4s, added corner round with a nail gun, assembled them and stretched the canvas. Actually, 3 are already painted!!!

3. NEW experiences- I did my first book signing at a Barnes & Noble. Talk about a dream come true. Had some great gals take my scrapbooking class. We were right up in front of the store-sat and looked out of the huge B & N front windows.

It was fun to chat with the random people who stopped by and to share in the day with friends and family who made the trip to West Des Moines (even in a snowstorm!)
And, I survived my first LIVE TV interview—did I mention it was LIVE!?!On the Wed. before my book signing, the local ABC affiliate-Channel 5- asked me to bring some of my work and share it during a mid-day broadcast. Definitely a NEW experience!

After the interview I came home to flowers from some of my favorite people!!! Drew KNEW mommy loved PINK and he picked out the carnations (with Grandma's help of course!) Two of my best girlfriends sent these beautiful gerber daisies. It's such a blessing to have such supportive friends and family!

4. NEW camera- Enjoying my tiny new Olympus point and shoot. It just slips into my purse and goes everywhere with me. So very easy to use! Now if I can just figure out the best way to organize all these photos I’m taking!

5. NEW family vacation destinations-I’m sooooo excited about this. You see I LOVE to travel and this year we are going to be so blessed with 2 family vacations-to ORLANDO and HAWAII!!! This is so amazing because you have to understand our kids have never had the opportunity to fly (I guess I have to take that back-my oldest did fly to my brother’s wedding at 16 months old). We haven’t taken a huge family vacation for a long time. So, Disney World and a family wedding in Hawaii-the planning has already begun.

I think this list might make a great scrapbook page!

I decided not to head to CHA this week. I’m missing seeing my friends, the excitement and all the new product, but I think there are times when the “quiet whisper” inside me says, “It is time for NEW things”. I’m listening for those NEW things and making the time necessary for my creativity to do what comes next. I can’t wait to show you all the NEW things I’ve been creating, and some NEW products I’ve been playing with. I hope this inspires you to bring a bit of NEW into your life today.