Saturday, September 22, 2007

Old Friends New Memories

There is nothing quite so sweet as visiting old friends-the friends who "knew you when", who can start and finish your old stories, who know you in a different way than anyone else. And, when your dear friend has a beautiful new baby girl-the time together is even sweeter.

Welcome baby Camille into our lives. I knew your momma "when". Your momma and I-we have cried together-tears of hysterical laughter and tears of deep grief. We have grown together even though the miles have separated us. We have challenged each other and grown each other up.

We have seen each other develop our own unique gifts- Jen, with her gift of music and me, with my love of art. We have stood up at each other's weddings, moved across the country from each other and shared the most painful and joyful moments of our lives.

And-we are creating new memories-we scrapbooked together for the first time. Jen reading the instructions in my book to find out how we were going to paint our page. She was pouring over the book and said "the book says we should..."

I started laughing "Jen-do you need the instructions? I'm right here. I wrote the book-I think I can show you how!" That's what friends are for... I had never gotten a pedicure before-I guess I just needed someone to go with and Jen had never painted a scrapbook page before-she just needed someone to try it with and she was on the way. I could never make my path without my friends... so today- thank a friend who has made your life richer, go make new memories with an old friend (even if it means flying half way across the country), go get pedicures together, treasure the gift of friendship.

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Brenda H said...

Love the new look and touching story. Get some sleep!