Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Circles of Women

I spent the day yesterday in Newton speaking to the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. I brought tons of photos and pages and shared photography tips for capturing the "decisive moments" with their kids. I always start my talks on photography/scrapbooking by sharing why it is that women need to create. We were made to create. We can't help it. It rejuvinates us in ways that are hard to describe. I had a conversation with a new friend who described it this way "When I stopped creating I started getting fearful. Fearful of all the bad things that might happen to my family. And, once I started creating again-the fear went away." Why as women do we feel the NEED to justify our creative time???

The amazing thing was that I spent the morning encouraging and inspiring the women at MOPS to celebrate where they are at right now in life and then I go shopping with 2 boys in tow and I am encouraged by a store owner who tells me she was the mother of 3 boys. So, as I'm carefully directing them through a "pretty shop" (they needed to use the bathroom in the back of the store), she is smiling and encouraging me. Telling me her boys are in college and graduating from high school now. These days are going fast she reminded me. Put me in the right frame of mind to see my youngest son coming out of the bathroom with an entire strip of toilet paper wrapped around his head (he was trying to stop a scab from bleeding on his forehead)! Circles of women-helping each other out during the time of life they are in-whether they are bring a new baby into the world, planning a wedding, sending their youngest to preschool or saying goodbye to a college freshman.

The tulips are up. Spring is here. Gotta get out the costumes. I'm put together these pages with my new Scrapbook with Passion paper and brought them to the scrapbook store in town to prepare for the masses of tourists that will be descending on our town in the next two weeks. I love Tulip Time!

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