Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Writing a book

Writing and designing for my first book has been a learning experience. I always wanted to write books-a secret dream I told no one. The first time I really allowed myself to think seriously about writing a book was when I was faced with the final project in my Photoshop class and the instructor wanted us to design a book cover. Well...it was an assignment so I had to dream big and designed the front cover of the scrapbooking book I might some day write :) And, here I am writing now! It is a lot of work, but I knew that it would be. I've turned down lots of other employment opportunities to have the chance and the time to do this.
And what does my studio look like tonight? I could take photos but I that would be giving too much away... I CAN tell you this-I have paper, paint, stamps, tools, more paper, layouts, and photos piled everywhere. There is a huge list of projects on my wipe board and I check each one off as I go. It is a great visual motivator to see it all written out and at a glance I know where I am at and what project is next. People keep telling me "writing a book is like having a baby"...interesting thought, but I can guarantee you I'm not nearly as sick during this process as I was during ALL 3 of my pregnancies!!! :) Probably won't have nearly as adorable outcome as those precious baby boys, but I will be happy to have the project completed. The waiting, planning, anticipation...yes-I think there might be a bit of truth to the comparison. It is sort of non-stop. I can't stop thinking about it, and dreaming up the next project. It is always there-waiting for your attention. I think motherhood has definately been a great preparation for this process!

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