Monday, October 31, 2005

A jam packed schedule

This quote really struck me today.

"A jam packed schedule can be the greatest thief of creativity."

Ummm...yes, I can directly point to a time in my life when my creativity really blossomed. I had moved away from my home town and didn't really know anybody. I unpacked my boxes and thought "now what"!?! I started scrapbooking with wild abandon again. I started painting-pretty much everything in sight (walls, furniture, drapery rods...) The creative activity kept me going, gave me energy, kept me sane.
And yet...sometimes a really busy schedule can make the creativity blossom for me as well. If I have a deadline and a list...the art gets done. Paint hits paper. Photos get stuck down. I don't "analyze" everything to pieces...instead "I DO"! I've been "doing" a whole lot lately. Deadlines for the book, my product line, and decorative painting projects have been coming one after the other. I've had to be very organized. I love doing lots of things at one time-I always have. But, somedays, when it's late October and the temperature is in the upper 60's, the leaves are gorgeous and the last rose is blooming on my rose bush...I'm ready for a long walk, a good book, a cup of cocoa and a short "To Do" list.

Tonight we get to go to the school carnival. My hubby is making balloon animals for all the kids-he'll be the coolest dad there. Tomorrow-it's back to writing and creating...

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