Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Break

A complete change of pace-a totally new experience can do wonders for my creativity. By Friday, I was ready to not look at my studio for a very loooong time, but 24 hours, a football game and some retail craft therapy can be a good thing! We were lucky to have tickets for the Hawkeye game in Iowa City today. Got to swing in Reminisce (one of Iowa's best scrapbook stores) real quick on the way home and we did some birthday boy shopping. A gorgeous Iowa sunset all the way home always helps give me a different perspective. A good day...and a needed break for the mind. Got some new paints, some new scrapbook toys...I'll be all "ready to roll" by Monday morning.


LagunaBum said...
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SageHen said...

Wow. That photo is breathtaking.