Tuesday, March 21, 2006

proud to be a scrapbook artist...

I am proud to be a scrapbook artist. I will stand up and admit I love to take photos. I will admit I spend way too much time playing with paper, pens and paint. This is my family, my life and my art. It is who I am and who I might want to be in the future. It is who I love and what I think...

"An artist is one who looks at life. She's interested and interesting. When a person is interested, she asks herself questions about life. She's curious about her own philosophy. She studies what is in front of her and sees deeper than the outside shell. She wonders. Ponders. Hunts. Turns things over to see what makes them work and what value they are in the overall scheme of things. And when a person is interesting, she talks about what she has learned in an enjoyable way." Luci Swindoll

That's who scrapbookers are-artists interested in looking at and pondering their life.

Embrace your artist viewpoint today.

Wonder about your life and the life of those you love.

Play with your paper and tell your story.

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Brian said...

I love you.