Monday, December 08, 2008

Stretch Out Your Hand

I often get the question "where do your ideas come from for your paintings?" Well, there are so many answers to that question...but, lately I have had the wonderful experience of gathering with a group of other creatives and our time together has inspired several new pieces. What is so great about this group is that they are all creative in different ways from me, but when we are together-singing, playing, praying, and creating the ideas flow in a way that I have not experienced before. It is such a great example of true community and one of my favorite places to create. This piece "Stretch Out Your Hand" was created based on a charcoal sketch I did while we were together.

One of my favorite things about showing my work is that I love to hear what others see in the piece that I may never have noticed. This piece was one where I was totally surprised to hear the responses. The great thing about art is that one piece can say so many different things to each individual who encounters it. As the artist, I can't own all the varying responses to my work, but they do fascinate me.

A technical note about this piece... Golden Fluid Acrylics have changed the way I paint. The endless combinations of texture that I can create with the fluids and the gels are going to keep me busy for some time. I'm anxious to experiment with the new Golden Open Acrylics. For those of you not familiar with the Open Acrylics-they are designed to be an acrylic that stays wet for a much longer time, replicating the experience of painting with oils. According to the many reviews I have read, it is a paint that functions different from any other paints. Golden had a reviews from several artists in their latest Just Paint.

For my Designer Friends- Anyone wanting to receive Canvas Corp (jute, rope, clothespins, paint) or Mark Richards (glitter stickers, iron-ons) product for use in designing projects for CHA or for publishing, feel free to contact or call toll free at 1-866-376-9961.

Just read:

Part of the reason for my quiet blog as of late is that I have been consumed with books. I actually put myself on a hiatus from the library a few weeks ago so that I could get some much needed projects done. Some of my latest "great reads"...

The Shack
The Gift of Being Yourself
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A parting shot from a fall walk at one of my favorite places in the world.

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