Saturday, November 11, 2006

Kids + Art = Creativity Boost

We held a Kids art and sports camp at our church today-Camp Power Play. 40+ kids with half doing a sports track and half creating art. For the art track we planned 4 activities- tie dye, journal making, crayon-resist with watercolors and a canvas painted with acrylics. 20+ kids, 4 projects in 3 hours. I'm tired!

What strikes me now after finishing a week of planning, preparation, buying supplies and organizing- there is something so rejuvinating about teaching someone else how to do what you love. Sharing the knowledge, passing on the skills, inspiring a new generation to create-that fills me up. I was exhausted earlier this week and a bit stressed figuring out how we were going to do this all for the first time. But, now, that it is finished, I am refreshed, ready to tackle my own projects again. And, I think there is a lesson in that. Giving back, fills you up. Gives you a new outlook and a fresh perspective. Because I was shopping for new projects, I found supplies that I hadn't discovered before. I was challenged to do something new, because I had to teach it. And, that is truly the best way to really learn something-teach it to someone else.

I didn't accomplish much in my studio this week. I was too busy planning for the kids, but I have a feeling that something even better, something new is going to bubble up next week, because my creativity was stretched by serving the kids. Their smiles, their excitement, their fearlessness in approaching a new project, it all reminds me how to be an artist, reminds me to set aside my adult sensibilities and get messy making cool stuff.

I'm exhausted, but I feel like a new woman. The "lesson for the day"... GO make ART with some KIDS-messy, wild, gluey, art - you won't regret it!!!

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